Concept Development

Baybayin is a script native to the Philippines that is mainly used with Tagalog dialect. It was the primary script used prior to the Spanish occupation before the Latin alphabet became popularized.

Baybayin is a two part editorial that explores the history and usage of the script.

The design is approached with quiet contemplation and cultural reverence for a part of Filipino culture that was lost to colonization.

image of a white wooden box lid with baybayin written on it in baybayin script image of two books image back cover of publication with the word baybayin written in baybayin script image of publication with japanese stab stitch binding image of an open book with baybayin written in large on the page image of an open book with a poem written in baybayin on the left and in latin letters on the right image of a hand opening a white box in order to revealing a blue box image of the baybayin publication, wooden box and flashcards